I’m Omer, a Graphic Designer crafting compelling visuals for over a decade.

_Focused Expertise_

  • Art Direction
    Style Guide / Pitch Docs


  • Identity Design


  • UI Design (UI)
    User Experience (UX)
    Motion Graphics


  • Marketing



A decade of experience, crafting compelling visuals for industry-defining titles.


Born and raised in London UK and now residing in Los Angeles California; I am Omer Younas. Inspired by my father and elder brothers I was drawn to art and digitally generated imagery; captivated by visual story telling in Video Games. This passion continued throughout my educational life and I found myself drawn to graphic design.


Now backed by over a decade worth of experience. Crafting industry leading art for the best development studios around the world, including DICE, Kojima Productions and more. After seven years in the UK games industry, I moved with my family, over 5300 miles to LA to work on Hideo Kojima’s award winning Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and recently 2016’s ‘Most anticipated FPS’; BATTLEFIELD 1. Mind blowing experiences that I am truly humbled to have been a part of.


As the vision holder for AAA projects, I lead the design for all things 2D. From branding to style guides, keyart to UI/UX, motion graphics and VFX to marketing. Gaining knowledge is integral to this work and feeds into my process; driving my passion to raise the bar with every project.


Official Speaker at GDC 2018 – ‘Art Direction for AAA UI’

Presented a 60-minute, main-track session, on Art Direction for industry leading AAA game UI, with a focus on console and PC platforms.




Kotaku ‘Fine Art’ Featured Article – ‘Someone’s Gotta Design All Those Game Logos’

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios.



Official BATTLEFIELD 1 Livestream – ‘Operations Campaign Update’

Livestreamed as a Guest on the Official BATTLEFIELD Twitch channel from DICE Los Angeles, to showcase a major release update for BATTLEFIELD 1’s Operation Campaigns.


_Award Winning Projects & Clients_

Collaborated with industry leading development studios and publishers across the globe.

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